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Tuning into the Abundance that has been prepared for you

Happy New Year 2021!

Abundance is Not Something We Acquire. It is Something We Tune Into. – Wayne Dyer

Every woman, man, and child living right now has gone through a 2020 that, to say the least, has been challenging. We have struggled with forced isolation, health scares and fears, and tumultuous racial strife. Additionally, we survived the last year of a Presidency that divided our country in a way that almost broke us. But we also experienced moments of joy, of concern and care, of unprecedented kindness, and genuine love for our fellow man.

So, when I think about this question “How was 2020 for you?” My answer, “I saw 2020 as a year that required everyone to sit and be still.” Although many of us did not want to be still for a multitude of reasons (economic, social, and physical), the pandemic required people in most states to have a minimum of 30 days’ downtime. People were and are afraid of the virus and they were and are afraid of those not afraid enough to wear a mask. We were (and remain) saddened by the rising death toll and we are challenged by the new normal required for us to function.

Additionally, 2020 forced us to deal with the persistent remnants of racial inequity following the deaths of several people of color. Their deaths stirred the recognition that different lives are treated differently by a legal system that should be color blind, but which often is not. Their experiences pushed the country (again) to confront the open wounds caused by unequal treatment under the law. These episodes added measurably to the pain of 2020. But we now surely know that if we do not, as a country, examine and clean the open wounds of racism, they will continue to fester. They will not heal. Citizens of this country seem now to acknowledge that. It’s past time to address what is wrong and make it right.

Despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the events of 2020, many of us took this time to turn inward and focus on self, survival, and sanity. We learned how to listen to the small, still voice within. And although, as with everyone else, 2020 was rough for me, my many blessings have been abundant and I must count them. While I did not get to celebrate in “the manner befitting my accomplishment,” I reached a milestone – 10 years in business! My client base has increased to the point that, whereas I used to personally handwrite and mail holiday cards in one evening, it took my assistant three days to get 400+ cards sent in 2020. I moved to a larger office (gaining space for an associate attorney, a conference room, and a kitchen area). My satellite location continued to handle overflow business, and my revenue held steady. I am acquiring clients regularly, and I am fine-tuning my definition of my “ideal client.”

I believe that because the pandemic forced me to pause, I took the time to focus more intentionally. I was able to “turn in and tune in.” I began to recognize the abundance around me and tune into it. And to reap the benefits of the abundance meant for me.

As we emerge from isolation, your “normal” should not be the same. Take time to focus and tune in. Tune in so that you can recognize and embrace the Abundance around you.

“As you step into this New Year, be bold enough and daring enough to believe in the abundant good that has been prepared for you.” -- Norman Vincent Peale

Believe in the Abundance when it becomes visible to you and embrace it, knowing that it is for YOU. Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021!

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