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A Journey of a Thousand Miles Must Begin with a Single Step

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Welcome to Positively TLG for 2018! Looking back at 2017, my word for the year was Hope. I hoped that I would be able to live peacefully in the moment, loving and cherishing the Life I have been given. And it worked! Mostly.

I have decided that my word for 2018 is “Gratitude." I am grateful for my life and for the ability to continue my journey one single step at a time. The terrible car accident I had before Christmas brought home to me how precious and fleeting life is, and I am simply grateful to have the opportunity to “do better” in 2018. I am beaten and bruised, not moving as fast as I normally do, but I am grateful to be here and for the plans I have made for the new year.

I have plans to grow my business. I have plans to travel and enjoy life more. I have plans for improving my health. I have plans to cultivate and nurture the many new friends I made this past year, and to reconnect with dear friends I have known for years. I have plans to cherish my relationship with my parents and to spend more time with them.

I refuse to let a car accident put any of my plans on hold. I may be moving a little slower this month, walking instead of running but I will not be stopped in 2018. And I will take the first (painful) steps to put my plans into action. As a business owner, I’ll push through the pain and get the work done.

And you know what? All of the HOPE I had stored up from last year is carrying me forward this year. Sure 2017 presented me with some setbacks, but I had SO many accomplishments that made me proud and happy: I ran three 5k races in October, November and December.  So now I am going to build on last year’s HOPE and take that single step toward recovery and new growth.

When one decides to run a 5k or half marathon (my next endeavor in March - although I may be walking it!) the first step is key.  If you don’t take that first step, your race will never begin.  Some people never know what they could have accomplished because they never took the first step. They’ll never have that sense of accomplishment because they count themselves out before they even start.

I encourage you to take that first step in 2018.  I encourage you to be grateful for your abilities, whatever they may be, and to honor the gratitude you feel by seeing where that single step takes you. To see what your thousand-mile journey looks like and embrace it.

Wishing everyone a Meaningful Journey and a Happy New Year!

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